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Paintball here at Bullswood in Surrey:

Here at Bullswood Skirmish Paintball Games in Surrey we offer Paintballing, Laser Tag and Clay Pigeon to people of all ages. Set in a our stunning 50 acre mature woodland in Surrey, Bullswood Skirmish features the most incredible Game Zones in Surrey, the latest Paintballing and Laser Tag equipment and friendliest staff. We host epic paintballing sessions for every type of event - Stag parties, 18th, 21st, 30th birthdays - even 60th, as well as Kids Paintballing sessions for both small and large groups, including bespoke days for Schools and companies in and around the Surrey area - even a few Hen do's as well.

Paintball in Surrey

Don`t overlook our Outdoor Laser tag arenas featuring our epic Starr Warrs maps, complete with huge ATST Walker that you can climb into and shoot from, life size X-Wing Starr Fighter - even Yoda and R2D2 make an appearance!

Paintballing in Surrey

If neither of these take your fancy, why not try and hit some fast moving clay pigeons! Situated just one mile from Lingfield Park Race Course, we are easier to reach than you would expect. Crawley is only 9 minutes away, Tunbridge Wells around 15 minutes and Guildford 25 minutes.

Latest news here at Bullswood Paintballing and Lasertag:

31/08/18 - Not enough blog posts this month - took a couple of weeks away to enjoy the summer - new kids paintballing dates have just been uploaded.
31/07/18 - Apologies to anyone who found a few glitches on the website last week - we changed to a more secure server and it caused a few glitches, didn`t effect the weeks awesome paintballing though, as it was full in with end of school year parties!
20/07/18 - Found some time this week to get a team on the popular "A Bridge Not Too Far" paintballing map - the intense play on this field was starting to add up and its now refreshed and ready to go!
04/07/18 - Seeing some rather epic cakes on the Paintballing and Lasetag parties, must re-create the cake of the month competion sometime soon!
26/06/18 - Just finished the full re-build of the popular Lasertag and Paintball map "Pirates not of the Karribean" - has takem a lot of work but is now like new, plus there`s a parrot as well...
21/06/18 - Looks like the new Lasertag map, Jurasik Parc, will have a giant Triceratops taking up pride of place - very cool, plus its my favourate dinosaur...
11/06/18 - Cool, the bounty hunter Boba Fett just dropped in on the Starr Warrs lasertag map, looking for Han Solo - more details coming soon...
02/06/18 - After much tought and discussion, we are about to build a cool new Lasertag map - Jurask Parc - featuring, you guessed it, a dinosaur park theme, more details coming soon... how do I build a dinosaur...
22/05/18 - I think we set a new record with the number of super giant hotdogs served on Saturday - a finger licking 135 hotdogs were gobbled up by the paintballers and lasertaggers!
15/05/18 - Latest kids paintballing dates now listed on our kids Paintball section.
06/05/18 - Wow, just check out our latest pics on our facebook page - the woodland is looking stunning, unlike the paintballing stags who look a bit blasted....
14/04/18 - Longest winter ever finally over - yep, no more snow, freezing rain or low temperatures, with a busy week of paintballing and lasertag ahead of us theres some long overdue sunshine ahead!
27/03/18 - Bluebells! After a slow start to Spring, the Lasertag and Paintball maps are coming up awash with our yearly Spring crop of bluebells - just great to see!
16/03/18 - Alas the Land Rover has finally died and is off to a restorer in the Midlands for a new lease of life, we have a new Paintball truck being painted as we speak.
08/03/18 - With the snow gone the full damage the big freeze caused could be seen - 7 blown pipes in the toilets, flooded kitchen, blown standpipes - all dealt with as weare kind o used to this over winter, just not on that scale!
29/02/18 - OK. the snow kind of sucks, but its due to be gone by the weekend and the roads are good apart from first thing in the morning so this weekends Paintball and Lasertag are looking good.
20/02/18 - Great news, the xwing Starfighter is back up and running in our "Forest Of Blendor" lasertag field - took a lot more work than expected though!
13/02/18 - Wow, the X-wing Starfighter really took beating in a recent storm and really does look like it crash landed, a full rebuild of this awesome lasertag feature is underway, should be finished in the next week or two with the "Forest of Blendor" Starr Warrs Lasertag map back in play as soon as possible.