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Paintball Surrey | Paintballing in Surrey:

Bullswood Skirmish is THE finest Paintball Park in Surrey - situated just 2 miles from Lingfield Park Racecourse, its is the Paintball venue for you!


Bullswood Skirmish - The finest Paintball centre in Surrey:

*9 Awesome themed Game Zones in Surrey!

*Unrivalled Facilities in Surrey!

*Only the latest Paintballing Equipment!

*Owner/Managed by Clare and Dan - friendly AND professional!

Set in a our stunning 50 acre mature woodland, Skirmish Bullswood features the most increadible Game Zones in the South East, the latest Paintballing equipment and friendliest staff - Please take the time to check out this site, see all the awesome Paintballing we offer, ask a question or two and watch the videos - you`ll find everything you need here so you can make an informed choice when you choose a Paintball Venue.

As well as our awesome Adult Paintballing we also host the most incredible Paintballing for kids aged 10 - 15!

Here at Bullswood Skirmish Paintball Games we have worked hard to create an amazing paintballing park. From our award winning* themed game zones such as "A Bridge Not Too Far", "Pirates Not Of The Karribean" and our awesome Mexican Fortress to our reassuring full-head goggles, body armour and latest semi-auto guns, we aim to go the extra mile for our guests!

Bullswood Paintball Location:

Situated in a beautifull 30 acre forest located just one mile from Lingfield Park Race Course, we are easier to reach than you would expect. Crawley is only 9 minutes away, Tunbridge Wells around 15 minutes and guildford 25 minutes. Dan & Clare, the Owner/Operators, used to live in Maidstone, Kent, and even thats only 40 minutes!

Skirmish Bullswood - A true Owner/Managed venue:

Clare and Dan, both the owners and managers are always on hand to ensure you and your friends have the best paintballing session possible - we only take direct bookings so if you get hassled in the street by a ticket seller I`m afraid they are nothing to do with us - book direct and cut out the middle man!

Who Plays Paintball in Surrey?

We host epic paintballing sessions for every type of event possible - Stag parties, 18th, 21st, 30th birthdays - even 60th, as well as Kids Paintballing sessions for both small and large groups, including bespoke days for Schools and companies - even a few Hen do`d as well. Don`t overlook our Outdoor Lasertag arenas featuring our epic Starr Warrs map, complete with huge ATST Walker that you can climb into and shoot from - Bullswood - Surreys best Paintball Center!

Outdoor Laser tag now here at Bullswood:

Awesome! If your after something thats similar but not paintball, then our Outdoor Laser Tag sessions are for you - using the latest outdoor laser pistols and rifles, they are perfect for parties form aged 7 and up

Don`t get our outdoor Lasertag mixed up with indoor:

Our Lasertag arenas are all out in the woods and feature exclusive zones you will only find here at Bullswood - we have not one but two "Starr Warrs" zones - Forest Of Blendor and the all new Degabah System - along with Pirates Not Of The Karribean and King of the Hill!

New Game Zone at paintballing in surrey

The Wild West comes to Bullswood:

Yeehaa - our popular Wild West Town has undergone a HUGE rebuild and now features a Saloon Bar with first floor so you act out the Sheriff role by shooting down on the Indians form the rooftops - plus a bigger Church, Jail, Bank and store, its just epic!

New Game Zone at paintballing in surrey

"Not Call Of Duty" zone hits the spot:

Calling all you gamers - put the controller down and have a go for real - our authentic "Not Call Of Duty" zone, based on the map "Strike" features buildings, mosques, a huge statue of Sadam Hussain and even a static machine gun - just work your way forward, get on it and let them have it - carefull, its a bit exposed like all static emplacements...

peter andre paintballing

Peter Andre Paintballing with us at Bullswood:

Peter Andre popped in with his brothers and a few friends for an afternoons paintballing with us here at Bullswood recently - complete with camera crews in tow filming for his "My Life" series (sadly about to finish) - you can read more about Peter Andre paintballing here!

The owners/managers Clare and Dan believe in only offering the finest Paintballing possible - we are the only Paintball Park in the UK to have a rolling two year equipment renual programme - this means you and your friends will only have the best, most up-to-date paintballing equipment avaialble - no tired, battered old guns and goggles with us!

Remember - if you`re looking for a paintball park in the Surrey area don`t just take our word for how good we are - check out all the latest videos and awesome gamezones - we guarantee that every shot is from our Bullswood Skirmish Paintball Park!

Shooting Paintball Surrey, Paintballing shooting in Surrey

What is Paintballing?

In its simplest form, paintballing is an action game where you attempt to "eliminate" players of the opposing paintball team by shooting them with paintballs that break on impact and leave a washable, biodegradable mark that stands out to signify a hit has been achieved. Paintballing gets really cool when you introduce our exclusive, themed game zones based on popular movies and computer games - this fire the imagination a lot more and increases the enjoyment of your day. Do you like the the "Call Of Duty" computer games? Imagine battling it out for real on our epic "Not Call Of Duty" recreation game map, you can quickly see why its better than just running around in a bit of woodland...

Bullswood - always striving to bring you the most epic Paintballing in Surrey.

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